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CARmic productions

Screenplays and Documentary Series

Founded in 2002, Carmic Productions releases short and feature documentaries 
about environmental issues and artists, as well as screenplays, with a range from comedy to crime, romcom and historical drama. 

Carmic Productions is the place where Carole Ryavec hangs her hat when she’s working.





Founder of Carmic Productions, 
Screenwriter / Documentary Filmmaker 


Carole Ryavec


Born to a Slovenian-American family, Ryavec has dual nationality.  She directed an episode of Vancouver 2010 – Stories of Olympic Glory featuring Petra Majdic for Showtime. Her own company, Carmic Productions, created two feature documentaries, Wind Shadows, on saving Kenya’s wildlife heritage in the central Rift Valley, and Letters from Slovenia, exploring cultural identity in her ancestral village at Slovenia’s Italian border.


She started production of the short doc series NYC Takes On ART in 2008, a series of six half hour shows featuring foreign-born artists working in New York.


Her second short doc series is Water Bucks, exploring the cost of privatization of water operations in American cities.

Carole is also an award winning screenwriter (Venus Retrograde, Chef’s Special, Embargo, and Dark Pools).

Originally trained as a historian, and later working in investment banking, Ryavec worked in Tokyo for over ten years. Before studying screenwriting at NYU, she held various financial positions, including chief price negotiator for central contracts at New York City’s Department of Education. 


& partneRS

Carmic Productions works with talented

directors, writers, producers, creatives and crew members.



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